Up Capital Management offers several multi-cap risk-defined model portfolios that allow you to decide the amount of growth and income you would like to have for your investments. With our Loss Tolerance philosophy in place on each of our eight model portfolios, you can finally uncross your fingers, knowing that the question “how much can I lose?” can at last be definitively addressed. When a position has dropped by the percentage allocated for your portfolio, it will be sold in whole or in part. No more “buy and hope”. No more watching out for black cats. Let a thousand cross your path! Luck isn’t the key to your personal success nor should you depend on it for your portfolio. Each model portfolio also offers a specific growth allocation, meaning you get to choose the maximum level of growth versus fixed income you are comfortable with.

Excluding the management fee, the portfolio expense target for all of our portfolios is between 0.35% to 0.75%. Speaking of fees and our management fee, we clearly explain all the fees in advance. We treat you like we would like to be treated. Our experience is people don’t mind paying for something they perceive as valuable, it’s just that they want to know in advance all the terms and costs – no surprises please!

In addition to portfolio management services, another primary service is our retirement plan services to trustees, administrators and participants of Define Contribution (e.g. 401(k)) and Defined Benefit retirement plans). We work with the trustees and administrators with their responsibilities that include monitoring the investment account selection, meeting compliance requirements, and education requirements for the employees.

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From in-depth analysis to long-term planning, we take a holistic approach to our portfolios.



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We pride ourselves on exceeding client expectations. With empathy, self-awareness, and defined core values, our service model is the cornerstone of our business.

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Low cost funds and high engagement rates. We carry cutting edge and unique strategies for your company's benefits plan.



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